8 Essential Tips to Grow Long, Healthy Hair

July 12, 2017

8 Essential Tips to Grow Long, Healthy Hair

How do I grow my hair? Everyone wants to know the secret to growing longer and stronger hair. The truth is… There is no secret, but there are a lot of helpful tips that many of us are not aware of. Let’s start with washing your hair.

1)Consider co-washing: washing your hair with a conditioner. Washing your hair with a conditioner cleanser can be beneficial because it maintains and adds to the moisture in your hair. Many shampoos can leave the hair dry and lead to breakage.

2)Moisture, especially in African American hair, is essential. After washing, try some type of deep conditioner, moisture treatment, or protein treatment to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage. Moisturizing your hair is important for building the foundation of hair. Use oil or water based moisturizers a few times a week in order to effectively keep moisture in.

3)Another helpful tip is to use a wide toothed comb to comb through your hair. Fine-toothed combs can lead to unwanted and unnecessary breakage!

4)Another helpful and very important tip that no one wants to hear is that you have to trim your hair! Not anything dramatic or any excessive cutting, just an appropriate trim that gets rid of any sort of split ends and damaged hair. You don’t want any damaged hair preventing healthy hair growth. Hair trimming or cutting should be done with a hair scissors, which provide a clean cut and prevent split ends. Trimming should be done consistently (a couple times a month or after a hair braiding style); this will accelerate or continue the growth of longer and healthier hair.

5) In addition to these helpful tips, enhance your hair growth by taking a hair vitamin. Hair vitamins assist in growing longer, stronger, and thicker hair. What ingredients should I look for in a hair vitamin? Your hair vitamin should include Biotin, Folate, and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), which provide your hair with essential nutrients and lengthen your natural hair growth phase.

6) Next avoid tight hairstyles. Try a protective hairstyle: a style that does not expose the ends. Protective hairstyles prevent breakage and help lock in the moisture.

7) Also, avoid using high heat and too much heat on your hair. If you cannot avoid using heat, get down to using heat on your hair once a week with a thermal protectant spray to avoid weakening the hair.

8)Lastly, use a satin scarf to wrap or tie your hair back at night, especially cover the edges. Do not use bandanas or cotton scarves because they absorb moisture, whereas, satin scarves do not.

Many of these are tips that we know or have heard of, whether we do them is a different story. Now that you have heard them again, learned something new, and have an explanation as to why these tips are essential to healthy hair growth, you are well on your way to longer and stronger hair.