Olive Oil: Promoting Healthy Hair Growth and Fighting Hair Loss

August 16, 2017

Olive Oil: Promoting Healthy Hair Growth and Fighting Hair Loss

You cannot end an Oil Series without talking about Olive Oil and healthy hair growth. Let’s go back into our kitchen cabinet and pull out some Olive Oil! Olive Oil, like many of the other oils discussed, is rich in essential fatty acids as well as a number of necessary minerals for healthy hair growth. Extra Virgin Olive Oil particularly is made of high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E an antioxidant, which are very important in starting healthy hair growth. Olive Oil, is the oil you can always count on to truly moisturize and condition your hair.

Is Olive Oil the best moisturizer for natural hair or African American hair growth? Olive Oil is a great moisturizer and conditioner for the hair because it increases the skin’s hydration. When talking about hair growth, it increases hydration in the scalp. Olive Oil is composed of a specific mixture designed to naturally lubricate and moisturize the skin and scalp. Hydration and moisturizing the scalp is essential to facilitating the hair growth cycle. Olive Oil has the ability to reduce evaporation and fight dryness that may be caused by environmental stresses or dry heat we sometimes expose the hair to.

Can Olive Oil help fight hair loss? Yes!!! Olive Oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which promote and rejuvenate scalp health. Again, scalp health is important in initiating that hair growth cycle. Olive Oil is also said to help premature baldness, counteract hair breakage, and fight hair loss, especially around the edges where many women experience hair loss.

Wow, you have talked about a lot of oils. Where do I begin? It never hurts to have a collection of these natural oils at home because they all serve a good purpose. To begin, just think of it as treating yourself. Schedule some time to wash your hair, preferably co-washing or doing a conditioning cleanse to the hair. After washing and doing a light and gentle towel try, warm up a half cup of Olive Oil, warm not hot. Get a generous amount on the finger tips and give yourself a scalp massage. Massage the Olive Oil in a circular motion. When done applying to the entire scalp, apply some to the ends of the hair. Really seal in that moisture and allow the nutrients to penetrate the hair. Once finished with that, cover your hair with a shower cap and relax for 20-45 minutes. Go about the rest of your evening allowing your hair to dry and begin its growth cycle. Cover your hair with a silk scarf or silk bonnet. There you have it; your first of many Olive Oil treatments!